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Open competetion


autumn/winter 2015

Housing and planning competetion for Antonihøjen, Præstø.

Proposal for housing in the characteristic landscape of southern Zealand, with one type of low-dense houses inspired by traditional fishermen's houses and cottages of the area.

The houses are organized in clusters keeping the top of the hill open for the public.

Scale comparison of different low-dense housing areas in Zealand.

Site with surroundings.

Area of Præstø's development and typologies:
from traditional market town to a place to live with unique housing close to nature.


the landscape around Præstø consists of 4 types of areas:

towns, forests, fields and water.


instead of seeing the site as one whole new area of Præstø, the buildings are places in clusters preserving the most important features of the landscape.

Southern access to Præstø.

Concept and vision:

Connecting the top hill for the public with an open platform.

Nature is brought closer to Præstø by keeping various areas free of buildings.

Houses that follow the landscape and topography.

Unique view from all houses.

Good connections to Præstø, with limited access to cars.

Creating local paths and spaces, all clusters with their own loop.

Zoom plan and section through landscape.

Stages of development:

0.1 - an attractor is created to activate the area before building.

1.0 - the first 30 houses are bulit close to Præstø.

2.0 - the next 30 houses are bulit to the west around the top hill

3.1 - after a period 25 houses are built south of the site

3.2 - the last houses are completed on hte south hill with a total of 110 new houses

4 ? - with participation of new residents different landscape features are created on the site

Sections of the house, with a variation with a garage.

Plans of the house, with a variation with a garage.

The square shape of the house measures 13 x 13 m creating several smaller rooms and an open courtyard.

Because of the angled outer walls more layers of privacy is made:

inside, covered outside, outside & outside view.

Example of a row of houses:

The houses are staggered and connected by a road on the backside and a small crossing path. The front is kept free with open view.

Public and private spaces:

The backside of the houses are semi public with the front as total public.

The houses offers both inner and outer private spaces, together with a larger community.

Visualisation of the coastal line.

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