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Edgeland / Thames /  London

Project on 7th semester


autumn/winter 2016/2017

Exhibition space & facilities/offices for the Totally Thames Festival.

A transformation of the brick arches below the railway on Clink St. & underground space extension.

Along the Thames in Central London exists numerous particular events, characteristics, fragments, historic layers and collisions.

London is too much. The level of distraction is enormous. The soundscape loud, the crowd systematicly constant. To achieve clarity and focus for the particular atmosphere along the Thames parts of the city must be cut away and blurred. A series of rooms, spheres, passages and sequences stages / frames forgotten and ignored parts of the city with the tide as temporary phenomenon.

On Southbank by Canon Street Railway Bridge happens a series of spaces and collisions where a concentrated selection of themes could be compressed and inserted.

The building will act as a connection between London and Thames, allowing people to access the riverfront differently bringing new attention to the river's materiality and wet landscape.

The vision for this program is to create new conditions for London's urban everyday life, and start a discussion about what we assign historic value and material quality while introducing a new recreative way of using the city without commercial obstacles.

London Stone: an old artifact which today is given no specific attention, half hidden below the street level.

By enlarging the tide, edge and frame as specific identity for London and working with a deconstruction of the borders and staging of the city new atmosphere and situations can be made.New and unexpected objects, layers and left-overs are discovered when cutting through the layers of the Thames' edge, as when the tide withdraws and shows forgotten places and hidden memories from another time.