Greenhouse Dormitory

Bachelor project 6th semester


spring/summer 2014

The Greenhouse Dormitory located in the new Grønttorvet serves as a specific home & facility for 


After the extension of University of Copenhagen's Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, a special dormitory is bulit to provide the right spaces for living, experimenting, studying and creative start-up for mixed students, promoting collaborating and social interaction between different subjects.
The dormitory is divided into two parts, common functions such as kitchens, library, study rooms and main hall and private rooms with 

access to their part of the vertical garden in the building.

The ground floor is open for the public allowing a passage through the two main volumes.

Concept and shape:
division, delaying, daylight and cutting

Concept and spaces:
public space, dormitory's connection, green wall and room's orientation.

The two building parts' design inspiration comes from monoliths and nature cliffs and their erosion.

Here one is overgrown with greeen plants the other bare with horisontal cuts for windows.

Inner elevations

Ground plan


1st floor plan

2nd - 5th floor plans

Hallway between rooms and vertical green wall.

Wires are stretched from floor to floor allowing the residents to plant their own plants and vegetables outside their rooms.


Sections and plan of rooms.

Facade of the housing side.

The shape of the rooms are mirrored from floor to floor, creating various depth in the facade.

Cross section

Cross section