Masterplan Grønttorvet

Project on 5th & 6th semester


autumn/winter 2013/2014

Group project with Christina Särs Vernersen & Daniel Boesen

Masterplan & development strategy 

of the former farmers' market in Copenhagen.

The transformation theme of this former industrial site has been to keep the print & traces of the original structures and super dimensioned roads, replacing the outlined areas with new building typologies.

A main spine runs from north to south through the site with different strips & sequences along the way clashing with the spine, each with own theme and identity.

Identeties & areas in Valby, local green connections, green infrastructure and connections to public transportation.

Concept of transformation:

from the orginal structure to a main spine through the site with crossing 

strips dividing the areas with smaller paths within.

The layers of the structure:

arrival & entrances, rational & 
irrational, prominent buildings & point-de-vues, space of transition, settlement density and special identities in each strip.

Mixed functions:

commerce, offices, creative workshops, culture, concentrated residential are, mixed residential use and public institutions.

Developing stages:

Existing buildings

Contemporary urban space

Construction site

New buildings

New urban space

Arrival at the main entrance to the new Grønttorvet.

The buildings are turned in different angles in order to break the visual 

line towards the centre spine.

The 'water strip' divides two areas and creates a calm and recreative area with capacity of collecting rain water, changing character when the bassins are full.

The north border towards the train tracks contains a raw urban shortcut from east to west, while creating open landscape courtyards facing north.