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3 Landskaber 

Part of the exhibition 'Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2018' at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.

3 models on 3 landscapes of a specific / imagined context made by students at ART (Arkitektur, Rum & Tid).

The model is a representation of a series of concepts and focuses which have been developed in order to create a certain reading and understanding of a context. 

The frame represent this context and functions as a field of rules, where the concepts are unfolded. The 4 essential are:

Hierarchy / Time / Relations / Systems.

The model frame is subject to certain principles as statics, gravity etc. The concepts are challenged by these principles and seeks a understanding of the zones and structures of the context.

It is a field where observations, experience and studies from a specific place can be discussed on a tematic level. 

It explains the structural hierarchies - which exists in the specific context - and how these over a period of time create zones of various dynamic or static character.
The development happens within the zone - the zone's contour / frame remains untouched. It can occur that the development also affects the zone's physical definition in spite of it's defined outline. Change happens within the dynamic zones and these more islolated events affect the total image of the context.

Through the model's construction and the idea of these structures and zones, this is induced tematically in order to discus the context's grand layout where an (infra)structure divides and combines series of fields.

How can this area be imagined when the various fields and zones change and when new borders and collisions in the future will occur?

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