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Manzana Morphosis

Konkurrenceforslag til gentænkning af Barcelonas blokstruktur - Hyperblock


Omformning af Cerdas blokke til et fremtidigt landskab af urbane haver:

"This project is a development and re-imagining of the blocks and grid of Eixample - a future solution that can address and handle issues of sustainability and liveability. 

Through a series of studies with shapes, volumes, structures and systems, new principles of block-designs are developed based upon impressions and interpretations of Barcelona’s essence.

The new principles and guidelines for developing future Manzanas can be adapted on several scale levels throughout the city - by changing the blocks yet sticking to the overall grid structure, it can be integrated within the existing city fabric."

High level render final.jpg
200921_Barcelonadiagram 1-01.jpg
200921_Barcelonadiagram 2-01.jpg
Morfologisk og kartografisk undersøgelse
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