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(Con)Temporary Market Hall:

Project on 9th semester


autumn/winter 2017/2018


Research and interpretation of a modern (con)temporary market hall situated in the area of Kulbanekvarteret : a former indsutrial site in Copenhagen. 


The project discusses the creation of a new market which balances between the regulated and the temporary.

A critical view on the context and greater area seeks to find a strategic way to handle such a complex and mixed landscape where a new market can revitalize some of the area while challenging what and how a market should be, questioning if unplanned functions and impermanence can exist in such a place.

The strategy for the placement on the specific 'leftover' and 'junk-space' site is developed through studies of how classical markets function and operate combined with the idea of organization through markers and mapping.

This creates open outlines for the site where a flexible system can exist.
The Market Hall functions as an open structure where multiple events can happen - from the classic exchange of goods to exhibition space or festivals.

It provides the frame for more short-termed trade and events to happen which is regulated by a trust in collaboration with the municipality. 

The market needs challenging and regulations which allows better space for alternative types of trade and facilitates meetings between different groups of society.

“(…) since flexibility refers to the potential of doing things differently, it matters considerably which forms of flexibility and inflexibility are exhibited in individual lives, communities, societies and kinds of activities at all levels of scale.”

- Thomas Hylland Eriksen


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