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Lisbon Technology Hub

Master project 10th semester




Transition from the traditional maritime industri towards a new digital startup and innovation.


My thesis project is about the creation of a future Hub for Technology in the industrial habour of Lisbon.

The project discusses and seeks how a new building or attractor can be a part of a future strategy of the transformation of the industriel landscapes and habour areas, and how these can be reintegrated in the major city's structure through specific functions which creates the foundation for the next industy and future development of the area. 

I have done several studies of how a new Hub can contain a character and identety from the (former) space / landscape it exists within, meeting the city through a new interface between users and surroundings. 

I have been incorporating the term 'Palimpsest' and memory in order to gain a deeper understanding of my specific site and it's surroundings.

The area have several times been 'scraped' of it's content leaving traces, materials and structures behind.

My concept is to use the layers of memory in a play between past and future, with several levels of borders and a softer transition in how the area will change and evolve.

My goal have been to work with the project as a strategic statement;
an example of how and where to begin when altering such a vast scale and landscape piece by piece and generic.

A discussion about how we change the spaces and landscapes created artificially with specific purpose by ourselves, which new content we provide them with in order to connect them with the existing cityscape and which qualities we can find in the memory and experience from former states and landscapes. 

Landscape and city development:
The development of the current industiral habour have happend over centuries where land have been gained and smoothen out, creating a seperated part of the city.


180321_Lissabon udsnit 1til5000-01.jpg

Impressions and ideas for new situations along the habour

180228_Collage 3.jpg
180228_Collage 4.jpg
180228_Collage 6.jpg
180228_Collage 5.jpg
180308_Collage 1.jpg

The habour seen from the higher grounds of the city as a self dependent landscape:


Impressions and ideas for new situations along the habour

The major barriers between the old city and habour spanning more than 50 meters across railways and roads:

Barriers between the habour and city:

Identity and materials:

Visualization of the small scale, outdoors spaces and meeting between existing warehouses and the Hub of Technology:

180523_Render view 4 update.jpg

Memory and Palimpsest:


Gable showing traces of a former neighbour


4 periods of development around the site


5 layers through the site through time

Former, existing and future compostions and connections:

Close up photo of a topological model through several layers, showing sperated and overlapping at the same time highlighting the metabolism;
some structures have a longer life span and will overlap through more layers while some only have existed for a short while:


Motion and connected elements within a field:

180403_Site 1til250-01.jpg

Volume studies and compositions:

180525_Programsnit 1til500-01.jpg

Principal section of different programmes:

180522_Isometri  1-01.jpg

Typologies and the logic of structures:

Visualization of interior work space facing Cacihals on the other side of the river.

180524_Render view 1 update.jpg


Sequences and displacement - interaction and realtions with the surroundings:


Diffuse light vs. sun light - the shifting of the structures forms outdoor voids and spaces  in cover for hot summer sun:


Vertical connecting spaces are exposed on the outside structure avoiding overheating in the workspaces:


Organization of landscape and framing of surfaces / the buildings' connections and sequences:

Parts of the buildings and the field - meeting the surroundings:

Visualization of the auditorium facing back towards the city:

180521_Render view 2 update.jpg

Ground floor plan:

180523_Planer 0 1til200-01-01.jpg

First floor plan:

180523_Planer 1 1til200-01.jpg

Elevation and long section:

Cross sections:


Visualization of the connecting space:

180523_Render view 5 update.jpg

Photo of model with near buildings and the quay:

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